Willis Western Catalog

Johnny Ringo style double rig with fancy conchos and blood knots
1880s Lone Wolf single loop
1880s modified single loop, Nubuck with lacing
1876 single loop cross draw, standard belt, dark saddle tan single crease, plus 1864 single loop antiqued dark saddle tan, border stamp
1880 Buckskin Dave single loop, super snug police style fit
El Dorado, the Duke style rigs
Buscadero style rigs, 1929 movie holsters and single looped laced holster
Tom Three Persons, Josie Wales and 1911 for revolvers styles
1835 Ranger style, spots and ranger belt, 1849 California style holster with spots
1911 style with Ranger style belt, standard pant belt, double mag pouch, police style holster
Tapered belt, modified 1849 Cheyenne holsters, 1877 US Army cavalry style rig
Suede lined cartridge/shot shell belts, slides, and carriers
SASS badge holder slides and pouch, undecorated pouch & double mag holder
Rifle/shotgun scabbards, border stamping, saddle
Hunting and sportsmen styles
Police/concealed carry open top/safety strap styles
Police/concealed carry, various gun styles, Challenge coins and badges
Pant belts, border stamp and basket weave
Various knife sheaths, 6" blades to bowie style
Various hat bands, stitched, plain with conchos, border stamped