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Gregg, got my shipment today, everything looks great and fits!  I am already bragging you up!”—Terry C., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.

“Gregg, Beautifull !! and the gun fits…….Thank you Gregg, Best regards”-- Vince S., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

“I love my holster and belt- they fit and match perfectly”--Jim C., Albany Oregon, USA.

“Gregg, You are a talented Bastard- my holster looks great!!”—Phil T., Missoula Montana, USA

“Tried it on with the gun in holster and the shells in the belt loops. I can't say enough. It's great. The darker leather with the white grips looks terrific. The holster now rides the way it should on my hip as opposed to just having it on my pants belt. Thanks again.”—Chuck C., Boise, ID, USA.

“All three of my holsters I ordered work great—Dave W., Salem, OR, USA.

"Thanks again for the holster and magazine pouches.  They look amazing!  You do great work!" 
Ryan M. , Corvallis, Oregon, USA.

"Gregg - In the privacy of my shop, I checked your handiwork more closely.  I have to say, you do good work.  My holster is top quality and fits the handgun perfectly.  Thank you."  - "I like the holster for my LC9 so well, I am thinking I need another for my mini Eagle."
Larry C., Albany, Oregon, USA.

Tim G. , Sagle, Idaho.

Derrell M. , Clark Fork, Idaho.

"Wow, that looks just like the old one" 
Lynn S. , Sandpoint, Idaho.

"My Dad will love this" 
Heather M. , Sagle, Idaho.

"To say I'm happy would be an understatement!!!  I think wow was said 20 times" 
Mark M. , Bonanza, Oregon.

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